The cultivation of pistacchio has its origin in Western Asia and Asia Minor, in countries like Iran, Turkey, something also in Syria, and it spreads through the Mediterranean in the first century.

The island of Sicily is known as the birthplace of the well-known Bronte’s green pistacchio.

Pistacchio Gelato

For the Italian tradition, this flavor is as characteristic as Dulce de Leche for Argentines. Manufactured from the seed, only a few ice cream parlors can produce a quality product with the right flavor. Pistacchio is the new flavor that stands out in the highest quality proposals.

At Freddo we developed a unique recipe, using only the best selected ingredients and following our Italian tradition for our new Pistacchio flavour.

A proposal like only we can offer, so that our clients, when tasting its delicious flavor, can be transported directly to Sicily, even if it is for a little while.